Inicio Multimedia Prepárense para maravillarse, este es nuestro planeta.

Prepárense para maravillarse, este es nuestro planeta.

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The Water from TSO Photography on Vimeo.

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This was filmed during August 2011. This is my interpretation of the fjord landscape in western Norway. Having spent countless days here, I really enjoy even the smallest parts of this landscape. Like hidden streams or dwarfish waterfalls outside of the beaten track that offer a great deal of solitude.

This movie was editing «on the road» and uploaded over 3G network from southeast asia. I have decided to spend the next two years creating a 60min blu-ray/dvd. As a landscape photographer, I have visited some really amazing places over the years, and now I will be revisiting many of them for this movie. It is a full-on project, and as a result I have now sold my apartment, print-studio, car and other belongings.

I thought Beethoven´s Moonlight Sonata would be appropriate, and asked my friend Marika Takeuchi if she could record it in a studio. She made a fantastic version which I love very much. Thank you!

Available in Digital Cinema 4k.

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Music: «Moonlight Sonata» by Beethoven performed by Marika Takeuchi

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